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  • DREAM Act: What's at Stake for Virginians

    Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy, 2017

    According to The Commonwealth Institute,

    There are 30,000 young immigrants who were potentially eligible for DACA and call Virginia home. They currently contribute a total of $29.3 million to local and state taxes annually through sales and excise taxes, property taxes and income tax.

    Without the Dream Act, Virginia can expect to lose at least $10.5 million in tax revenue. That’s the projected loss if DACA recipients stay in the state after losing work authorization, earning lower wages and becoming less likely to file income tax returns.

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    Concerned Citizens Virginia’s 7th district have banded together to draw attention to Congressman Dave Brat’s recent votes and public statements.  Many constituents who are concerned with Representative Brat’s alignment with President Trump have repeatedly tried to engage with him to voice their sentiment. He has responded by labeling those with whom he disagrees as the “hard-left.”  In response, beginning January 15, 2018, Concerned Citizens will voice their concerns via outdoor media along a commuter route on 10418 Hull Street in Chesterfield.

    In this billboard, Concerned Citizens demonstrate that they are fed up with Rep. Brat selling them out to line the pockets of corporations and wealthy donors. He voted against improving the Affordable Care Act and helped pass the tax reform plan that provided an irresponsible, unfunded tax break to corporations and billionaires. He quipped, “billionaires can only buy so many houses and boats,” yet voted their interests anyway.

    Concerned Citizens hope to raise funds securely via Act Blue to support ongoing expressions of concern across the District via outdoor, print, and social media between now and Election Day, raising issues related to Brat’s policy positions and ideology that are out of touch with the increasingly diverse population in his District.

    About VA 7th for Progress:  Citizens in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District have a vision for progress. And, that progress doesn’t include Representative Dave Brat and his regressive political agenda. Concerned Citizens unite in their belief that all people are created equal and, as such, deserve equal access to high quality public education and affordable, safe, comprehensive health care. To that end, it is time to repeal and replace Brat.

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