Is the GOP Tax Plan more Wealthfare?

The Republican-led proposed tax plan, supported by Rep. Brat, greatly reduces the corporate tax rate in hopes that trickle-down economics will yield greater investments in people and the economy. Unfortunately, these tax cuts are on the backs of ‘the little guy’ who is losing deductions for state income tax, medical expenses, student loan interest, relocation expenses, professional expenses, property taxes, and more. Corporations get to keep these deductions, but not the average Joe or Jill. How else will the proposed plan affect you? Learn more about the tax plan here: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/publications/analysis-house-gop-tax-plan/full

ACT by contacting Representative Brat and share how you will be affected by the plan he supports. www.NotOnePenny.org has tools and resources to help.

Also, join fellow concerned citizens on Saturday, Dec. 9 for a Not One Penny Rally. Full details on our Events page or Facebook.

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