Happy New Year! Resolve to register and inform voters!

Happy New Year! Resolve to register and inform voters!
Happy New Year! May you and loved ones have good health and prosperity in 2018. As of January 1, 2018, we have 10 months, 4 days until our next General Election in Virginia on November 6.
May we all have the resolve to stand up for leaders and legislation that promote economic parity, access to affordable healthcare, lift up civil rights and the value of diverse people, and embraces environmental protections and reform. May we have the grit to resist legislation and leaders who are marginalizing minorities, whittling away at safety nets and protections for citizens, enshrining power in the wealthiest families in this Country, and threatening our global security by threatening and collaborating with foreign adversaries. Stay vigilant, stay woke, stay involved, and stay connected to each other.
We can each do a small part that collectively makes a large impact by committing to ensuring your relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues are registered to vote and aware of legislation that affect them. Get inspired at 90 for 90 (online and on Facebook). Learn to register people online via the Dept. of Elections website and hold your own voting drives. VA 7th USA will be assisting in get out the vote efforts throughout the year. Go to our homepage and “Join” to get volunteer opportunity notices via email.
Consider volunteering with New Virginia Majority or Spread the Vote to assist others in registering to vote. Spread the Vote is a unique organization that assists people in getting government IDs and empower them to vote.

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