• VA 7th USA Endorses Spanberger for PROGRESS

    VA 7th USA is committed to supporting candidates, legislators, and policy that promote PROGRESS in Virginia, which includes universal healthcare, high quality public education, renewable energy and high environmental standards, equality, dignity, and justice for all persons, responsible government, and a stronger, caring America. VA 7th USA is proud to endorse Democratic nominee Abigail Spanberger, […]

  • Constituent Billboard: Repeal & Replace Rep. Brat

    Concerned Citizens Virginia’s 7th district have banded together to draw attention to Congressman Dave Brat’s recent votes and public statements.  Many constituents who are concerned with Representative Brat’s alignment with President Trump have repeatedly tried to engage with him to voice their sentiment. He has responded by labeling those with whom he disagrees as the […]

  • Rep. Brat Spars with Katy Tur over Merits of Flawed Tax Plan

    On 12/19/17 Rep. Brat sparred with Katy Tur over merits of tax plan. Read about two of the known flaws in the tax plan that are prompting a re-vote by the House. Instead, maybe the House should vote NO, slow down, and look more closely at the details, ensuring that this legislation best serves the American people.

  • Robbing the Poor to Pay the Rich

    This op-ed in the Dec. 2, 2017 Culpeper Star Exponent outlines a few key ways the GOP tax plan is a scam. Consider the proposed changes and contact Rep. Brat with your concerns.

  • Will Rep. Brat Help Save Capitalism?

    Robert Reich Interviews Rep. Dave Brat about Capitalism Robert Reich explores the fate of American capitalism in a new Netflix documentary. He interviews Rep. Dave Brat about fighting crony capitalism. While Brat touts anti-establishment politics, he supports legislation that saves and promotes corporate welfare and protects corporate interests, such as the House and Senate versions […]