7th District Issues Constituent Survey

Welcome to the 7th District Issues Constituent Survey.

The first three questions of this survey comes from Congressman Dave Brat's survey.   His survey was not sent to every constituent and the results were not released.  This is a snippet of his survey:

Please share this survey so we may provide transparency with results.


Do you agree with President Trump’s decision to move our embassy in Israel to its capital in Jerusalem?

Do you agree that our border needs to be more secure in order to protect American Citizens?

Do you support President Trump’s plan to renegotiate bad trade deals like NAFTA in order to get better deals for America?

Recent events have raised issues related to gun violence and safety.  Please share your thoughts about gun safety legislation:

Do you support arming teachers in school?

Do you support universal background checks for all gun purchases?

Do you support increasing the age requirement to purchase firearms to 21?

What are YOUR three main concerns you'd like your Representative to consider in 2018?

In which county do you live?

What is your zip code?

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