Republicans Hunt for Ways to Pay for Tax Cuts and a Provision Opens the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to Energy Exploration?

According to The New York Times (12/14/17), Republicans are scrambling to meet individual legislator demands so they can pass the largest tax overall in recent history in record time and without public consideration. As they struggle to find enough cuts to meet the $1.5 trillion budget increase threshold, the question remains: Why are we cutting taxes for wealthy corporations and families when the economy is "booming," according to Rep. Brat, the stock market is ballooning, and our deficit is increasing? And, what does drilling for oil have to do with taxes? It looks like the GOP is trying to sneak in benefits for Big Oil into a plan whose benefits to working families are set to expire in less than ten years. On Dec. 6 on Fox News, Brat discusses the need to rein in spending and balance the budget to reduce the deficit, but he has little regard for protecting corporate wealthfare entitlements and tax deductions for the most affluent families in the U.S.

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