Many organizations serve to inform the public and advocate for various social justice issues. The following list includes links and descriptions of well-known local and regional groups that interact with 7th district.


Richmond Urban League

To assist under-served citizens in the achievement of social and economic equality through advocacy, collaboration direct services and research.

Virginia Civic Engagement Table

Our Network is made up of over 30 progressive non-partisan non-profit organizations and allied groups who are committed to increasing civic engagement.  This resource list includes links to such organizations as Virginia Poverty Law Center and Virginia League of Women Voters.

VCU Social Justice Trans-Disciplinary Core Team

The Social Justice Core addresses structural inequalities and racism and their collective impact on economic mobility, educational achievement and overall well-being. Richmond, similar to many urban centers across the nation, struggles with long-standing issues of race, inequality and justice.

Richmond Peace Education Center

The Richmond Peace Education Center has a longstanding historical commitment to working for racial justice and diversity.